Jack of a few trades

I'm a Web Developer, Designer, Consultant, and Cloud Solutions Architect from Guyana, South America. I use my skillset to help organizations craft their vision, engage their audience, and to realize success.



Cloud Computing
Digital Transformation
Governance & Compliance
Information Security
Process Automation


Brand Identity
Design Systems
Logotype Design
UX/UI Design
Niche Re-Branding


Content Marketing
Sales Copywriting
Digital Media
Customer Experience (CX)
Market Research


Change Management
Pricing Strategy
Market Positioning
Business Intelligence
Digital Transformation



Alpha & Omega Associates
American University of Peace Studies
Amy's Pomeroon Foods
AX Investments & Consultants
National Drainage & Irrigation Authority
Juvenile Justice Court
Project Dawn Healthcare
Rights of the Child Commission
Transparency International (Guyana)
UNICEF (Guyana)


Caribbean Electronic Payments
Caribbean Environmental Risk Solutions
Co-Operative Investment Fund (Barbados)
Courtesy Credit Union (Barbados)
Global Integrated FinTech Solutions
iPay Anywhere
Live Earth Foundation
Police Credit Union (St. Vincent)
Prudential Credit Union (Barbados)
Total Asset Management
Zenith Financial Services Group


Blue Waters Consulting
Kiddies World
The Learning Curve Center


Factor Alpha

Founder & Web Developer

Based in Guyana, Factor Alpha is a digital agency that provides web development services, social media marketing, product photography, and corporate branding and identity for clients in Guyana, the Caribbean, and the United States.

It was born out of the ever growing complex needs of my professional web development client base; and I actively develop websites using the JAMstack, Bootstrap, HTML/CSS/JS, WordPress, as well as logo design and branding that fits the needs of clients who require consistency across their digital marketing efforts.

Even though Factor Alpha is slowly transforming into a bespoke agency, it will remain focused on small and medium-sized business that require affordable, high-quality services.



Founder & Solutions Architect

Astrellis provides cloud services and software for enterprises, NGO's, and public-sector institutions. This includes onboarding, migration, adoption and consulting, all the way to operations via software and application delivery, workload lifting/shifting, and outsourced CIO duties.

Managed services also extend to information security, virtualized workloads, and high-performant web hosting at scale. Additionally, as a Microsoft Tier-II CSP Astrellis also licenses Microsoft 365 and Azure product families in addition to providing guidance for the accompanying architecture and design for hybrid cloud solutions.


Global Integrated FinTech Solutions

Chief Technology Officer

GIFTS provides payments, cards, switching, core banking, mobile/internet banking, and AML/KYC solutions to businesses in the Caribbean and the Americas.

As CTO, I architect the infrastructure to support payment networking across different clients and vendors. I also build and manage the company's public and private cloud workloads, and oversee all technology integrations and projects that are undertaken.



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