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 31 Jan 2021  notes

AVARYA, an Animated Sci-Fi Short

Found this great little animated film on Omeleto, and there are so many fascinating themes at play here relating to the responsibilities given to the ship’s on-board Artificial Intelligence and it’s inherent rigidity to the rules — even though we are led to believe it’s an instantiation of the fabled Artificial General Intelligence.

An interesting shot to me was the sequence of actions surrounding the robot’s reloaded of the revolver. This would imply that the same series of events happened repeatedly. Of course, that’s very obvious at the end, but what’s intriguing to me is the implication that the Neural Net in each android clone of the scientist (created by the robot itself) is making the same conclusive set of choices on how to proceed — at first giving in to the batch processing of results after the 55th planet, followed by a race condition of sorts when the results were not met (via suicide), and finally a traversing of possible fuzzy outcomes, and recursively redefining the scope of the test that eventually led it back to Earth.

Another interesting plot shift was the suggestion of artificial sentience (dreaming, even) that is realized after the scientist commits suicide. The fact that this was done from a first person view is uniquely unsettling and very novel.

As a biased reviewer this is all just speculation on my part, but it’s uncanny enough to notice the smaller computational themes that underlie the main “human instinct vs artificial logic” subplot.

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