18 Feb 2021  notes

Extending my ownCloud storage with Amazon S3

I have a private ownCloud server that currently stores its data in the default /var/www/owncloud/data directory, which ordinarily takes up storage space on the server filesystem itself.

Thankfully, ownCloud supports connecting to external storage services in order to extend the amount of space available to the user. In my case, I used Amazon S3  buckets — which offer cost-effective and reliable object storage — as targets that ownCloud was able to connect to and mount as directories within the application and file system itself. This a great option for storing data that needs to scale in a quasi-archival manner versus warmer (hot) data that’s updated and synced daily.

Best of all, buckets can be added and removed without issue (read: unmounted and mounted), which means that they are entirely portable if I decide to change hosting providers for my ownCloud server itself. This should also work for anyone who uses NextCloud, as it’s a fork of ownCloud and thus the integrations are similar.

One interesting tidbit is that ownCloud’s spanking new release is called Infinite Scale  and will actually reach production-ready status when the versioning hits 2.0.0. It uses a single Go binary for deployment vs. the current LAMP stack, and from the results of my testing I can confirm that it’s mind-blowingly fast.

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