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OccultOS and Unseen Forces through Code

Re: An Ask HN submission entitled Occult Coding  that posited:

Have there been any serious attempts to tap into unseen forces through code?

For example, I loved the idea of TempleOS accessing the word of God through a random number generator. A similar idea from a different age is the use of the I Ching to predict the future.

I’m not aware of any such examples but it would be a fascinating (albeit fictional) deep dive if I ever came across some anecdotes of that.

By “similar idea from a different age” I assumed the OP was speaking of Terence McKenna’s Timewave Zero. As a long-time follower of McKenna’s wisdom I have found Timewave Zero fascinating, and there have been arguments for and against it’s efficacy (based on start dates and all that). While it was one of his life’s obsessions, I personally think it took away too much attention from his other major contribution to mankind; which was his advocacy for psychedelics.

While I’ve never heard of TempleOS before and had to look it up, entities speaking through the machine isn’t quite a novel theme I guess (referencing Ghost in the Machine ). I reckon at some point Machine Learning will resemble the fabled Artificial General Intelligence, and that subsequent emergent property could in turn be conflated with God by some stretch of the imagination or context — if it uses a TRNG vs. a PRNG well then we’ll have something on our hands.

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