This page offers some technical insights into my website.

I keep my tech-stack very lean by using the JAMstack as a development paradigm, and by building in the spirit of the IndieWeb.


The source repository for this website is hosted at GitLab. The folder structure of the site looks like:
├── assets
│   └── images
├── blog
├── css
├── _data
│   ├── bookshelf
│   └── linkdumps
├── guides
├── _guides
├── _includes
├── js
├── _layouts
├── linkdumps
├── _linkdumps
├── _posts
├── _scss
│   ├── mixins
│   ├── utilities
│   └── vendor
├── thoughts
├── _thoughts
└── writing

I use Visual Studio Code for editing on Windows, and Vim + tmux for editing on Linux.


The site's scaffolding and pre-processing is powered by Jekyll, with a layout built on top of Bootstrap compiled from Sass with custom HTML/CSS. Syntax highlighting is colorized by Rouge.

The fonts used on the site are from the DM (serif, sans-serif) and Space (mono) families created by Colophon. Icon glyphs are provided by Font Awesome.


Netlify powers the entire CI/CD pipeline and hosting for the production website. Website images are hosted at Cloudinary. The site is made even faster with Turbolinks whilst proxy caching, rewrites, WAF, CDN, etc. are handled by Cloudflare.

Last Update: 2020-04-21