Technical insights into my website

This site is built using the JAMstack, with third-party integrations to make it performant where necessary.

Design & Development

The source code repository is hosted at GitLab, and the site's scaffolding is powered by Jekyll. The site's layout built using Bootstrap compiled from Sass, with a good helping of custom HTML/CSS where needed. Since this is a static site, comments are powered by Hyvor Talk and forms are handled by Formik.

Syntax highlighting for code blocks is done with Rouge. Fonts are from Google Fonts and SVG Icons are from Feather.

Operations & Performance

Netlify powers the production build pipeline, and also hosts the site's origin. Front-end HTTP requests however are cached and served up by Varnish, which is hosted at Digital Ocean. Page loads are accelerated with Turbolinks.

Image delivery is done by both Cloudinary and a href="" target="_blank">BunnyCDN</a>, while DNS is handled by Cloudflare. Request logs are aggregated using Logflare while general visitor analytics are done with a combination of Goat Counter and Google Analytics. Uptime monitoring and health checks are handled by UpDown.