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You can shoot me an email at as few things are better than asynchronous communication.


This is a static site but nevertheless it has a security.txt in keeping with the proposed IETF draft pentesting spec. If you need to send me a file, use age and encrypt to the following public key:

  • age1d9t4ts3wqqxfldqx9mn9nv05shwr7gr9srywn5czr4m4me3fx9qqppvsx4

The command syntax would be age -r age1d9t4ts3wqqxfldqx9mn9nv05shwr7gr9srywn5czr4m4me3fx9qqppvsx4 secret.txt > secret.txt.age

But with brevity in mind, I host my age public key in a file that can be piped to the executable itself via: curl | age -R - secret.txt > secret.txt.age

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