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IRC User (Freenode)

Register - Register and set up a new Freenode account with your current nickname:

/msg NickServ REGISTER yourpassword [email protected]

Invisible - Hides you from global WHO/WHOIS by normal users, and shows only shared channels in /WHOIS output:

/mode yournickname +i

Disable Forwarding - Prevents channel forwards from affecting you. If a channel’s modes prevent you from joining, you will receive the relevant error message regardless of any forwards:

/mode yournickname +Q

Block Unidentified - Ignores private messages from users who are not identified with services:

/mode yournickname +R

Registered Nickname Info - Shows information about the registered nickname:

/msg NickServ INFO somenickname

http://quhno.internetstrahlen.de/Vivaldi/freenode-help.html#usermodehelp  — [Archived]


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