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A web service that returns HTTP response status codes, which can be used to test applications against various network response conditions.

The site takes queries via URL in the form and a genuine HTTP/1.1 status will be generated. A text/plain; charset=UTF-8 payload of the status code is also sent for visual confirmation.


Net Find

I've always found that visiting a website in order to search within it, overusing Google + the website's name as a search term, using custom search engine providers, or DuckDuckGo's !bang syntax to be a bit tedious.

Netfind allows for quick contextual searches using the URL itself as a simple delimiter. As with most things, I made this to scratch my own itch.


IP Addy

I was inspired to put this together since I often need to query the IP address of whatever machine I'm logged into, especially from the terminal.

IP Addy works both in the browser and the CLI (via curl). Recently, it was added to Awesome Console Services  on GitHub.

Visit  for instructions or visit  directly.


I often need to generate and copy a random password, usually for testing purposes or account creation where I don't need to store anything in my regular password manager.

QuickPassword provides opinionated password options that are good enough for 99% of uses cases — with far fewer clicks involved. The generation is done client-side for added security & privacy.



I have a growing, curated list of my favorite quotes, and decided it would be a good idea to put them online since I couldn't think of another way to browse them on my phone in a random and easy manner.


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