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Net Find

I've always found that going to a website in order to search within it, or overusing Google + the website's name as a search term, or using custom search engine providers to be a bit tedious.

I was playing around with Cloudflare Workers and realized that they had some example code for doing a "bulk redirect" using an array map and hardcoded redirects.

Since Cloudflare supports async functions that can parse HTTP requests, I decided to tinker with the idea of manipulating the request as a string (with a "query string" in mind) and sending off that request to a search provider. Since I'm by no means a JS expert, it took some coffee and a few hours but eventually it worked as intended.


IP Addy

I was inspired to put this together since I often need to query the IP address of whatever machine I'm logged into, especially from the terminal. IP Addy works both in the browser and the CLI (via curl).

Initially it ran on NGINX/OpenResty before I refactored the code into JavaScript so as to take advantage of Cloudflare Workers for the scale and cost benefits that they offer when running serverless functions.

Recently, it was added to Awesome Console Services  on GitHub.

Visit  for instructions or visit  directly.


I often need to generate and copy a random password, usually for testing purposes or account creation where I don't need to store anything in my regular password manager.

Most password generation sites provide too many options; I always choose the same configuration (after many clicks) which results in a 24-character alphanumeric password.

Using that standard, I decided to put together QuickPassword which provides opinionated password options that are good enough for 99% of uses cases — with far fewer clicks involved. The generation is all done client-side for added security & privacy.



I enjoy literature, and great quotes. I constantly curate a growing list of my favorite quotes, and decided it would be a good idea to put them online.

Since I didn't have a lot of spare time initially when making this, and since I wanted to make a static site without any server-side interaction involved, I made the decision to keep it simple by having the quotes randomly selected from a JSON array. To make it a little more interactive for the time being, I included the ability to Tweet whatever quote is currently shown.

Around 2021-02-02 I refactored the code to give it a cleaner layout and build process, instead of just some hacky HTML/CSS.

Some features I'll probably add include:

  • A search index using either Algolia or Lunr.js
  • Quotes sorted by author (maybe, don't hold your breath)


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