Backblaze B2 CLI

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Backblaze B2 CLI

Account authorization:

backblaze-b2 authorize_account [master-application-key-ID] [application-key]
backblaze-b2 authorize_account 000000qwertyasdf000000000 NLYOoXcmRPBPGyYovjKNRZpz

Command reference for sync:

backblaze-b2 sync [--delete] [--keepDays N] [--skipNewer] [--replaceNewer] \
[--compareVersions <option>] [--threads N] [--noProgress] \
[--excludeRegex <regex> [--includeRegex <regex>]] [--dryRun] \
<source> <destination>

Example command for downloads backups:

backblaze-b2 sync --threads 4 --dryRun ~/downloads b2://downloads/
backblaze-b2 sync --threads 4 ~/downloads b2://downloads/
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