Firejail Sandbox Firefox

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Firejail Sandbox Firefox

Install firejail and X11 utilities:

sudo apt install firejail xpra xserver-xephyr

Enable PulseAudio fixes:

firecfg --fix-sound

Prevent processes from escalating sandbox privileges:

nano /etc/firejail/firejail.config

# change the config option below in the above file

force-nonewprivs yes 

Take ownership of firejail executable as non-root user:

chown root:paramdeo /usr/bin/firejail

sudo chmod u+s /usr/bin/firejail

Run Firefox in firejail:

firejail --private firefox -no-remote

--private — restricts the folders that Firefox can interact with to Downloads, and uses a temporary default profile that is nuked on exit

-no-remote — allows sandboxed process to spawn independently of any existing open Firefox windows

Shell alias for ease of use:

alias jailfox="firejail --private firefox -no-remote"
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