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WordPress CLI

 02 Oct 2021  Snippets

WordPress CLI

Enable Sensible Defaults
wp config set WP_POST_REVISIONS false --raw
wp config set DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT false --raw
wp config set ALLOW_UNFILTERED_UPLOADS true --raw
Delete Pages and Posts
wp post delete $(wp post list --format=ids) --force
wp post delete $(wp post list --post_type='page' --format=ids) --force
Mailjet Integration
wp config set WPMS_ON true --raw
wp config set WPMS_SMTP_HOST 'in-v3.mailjet.com'
wp config set WPMS_SMTP_PORT 587 --raw
wp config set WPMS_SSL 'tls'
wp config set WPMS_SMTP_AUTH true --raw
wp config set WPMS_SMTP_USER 'V8LDTeNMqYIw6FLxo76oeSqNvTB8wFXk'
wp config set WPMS_SMTP_PASS 'munDRvaUczsf7qr8S1fOU9SBVLx3EZQ8'
wp config set WPMS_SMTP_AUTOTLS true --raw
wp config set WPMS_MAILER 'smtp'
Reset User Password

Get list of users:

wp user list

Reset based on User ID:

wp user update 1 --user_pass=ttJArdMaRpx7ajaeVVLswG9n
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