Benefits Of Lateral Eye Movements

 27 Dec 2021  TIL

Benefits Of Lateral Eye Movements

In an interview with Dr. Andre Huberman, the idea behind Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing was brought up. This neurophysiological process occurs when the eyes are moved from side-to-side (laterally) for about 15-30 seconds.

To quote Dr. Huberman:

This process has been shown to reduce the activity of the amygdala, one of the primary threat detectors and fear receptors in the brain.

When walking, it’s natural for humans (from an evolutionary and adaptive perspective) to reflexively move their eyes from left to right in order to survey their surroundings, especially in an area that has not been previously visited. This greatly helps with both calmness and focus before doing a task, or needing extra focus and motivation after waking up.

Interestingly enough, blind people employ the same neurological mechanism by listening carefully for sounds from either stereophonic direction — targeting the same neural pathway that suppresses amygdala activity as well.

I usuall do eye movements (lateral, vertical, circular, etc.) as part of my morning routine for optic muscle health. This new bit of knowledge confirms that there is also a mental/psychological benefit as well to doing this.

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