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Web Design Web Development CMS Hosting Load Balancing High Availability Analytics SEO eCommerce Site Migration Multi-Linguial Lead Generation Marketing Bootstrap WordPress Varnish JAMstack HTML/CSS JavaScript PHP Git NGINX LSWS MySQL MariaDB Galera ESI Docker SSH Kubernetes SSL/TLS HTTP/2 DNSSEC
Computing Storage Migration Change Management Onboarding Residency Risk Grid Computing LOB Applications Disaster Recovery Data Warehousing Archiving Distributed Systems Backup & DR E2E Encryption GDPR Compliance Redundancy Security Governance IAM Virtual Desktops Application Delivery Azure Digital Ocean AWS Azure Stack
Air Gapping Forensics OpSec Public Key Crypto HUMINT Risk Management Incident Response Network Security Endpoint Security Threat Intelligence Ethical Hacking Anonymity Privacy PGP WireGuard Tor/Tails Kali Wireshark Burp Suite Metasploit SecureDrop Maltego OWASP
Server/User Management Networking Auditing Perimeter Security VPN RBAC VXLAN/SDN Endpoint Security Orchestration MDM/BYOD Data Leak Prevention Windows Server Ubuntu/Debian Linux RedHat/CentOS Linux Active Directory LDAP Gravitational Ansible BeyondCorp ZeroTier


  • Migrated on-premise email to Office 365 for a Caterpillar dealer that resulted in yearly savings of $25,000 USD.
  • Deployed a highly-sensitive case management system for a public-sector Justice Commission to the AWS cloud for approx. 1 million casefiles.
  • Built and currently manages websites and web hosting stacks that total over a quarter of a million concurrent visits.
  • Built an Azure cloud infrastructure for a regional FinTech firm that provides core banking systems, AML software, VISA/MasterCard acquiring, payment switch, hosted APIs, and card issuing.