Paramdeo Singh

Paramdeo Singh

Hi there. I'm a consultant with a decade's experience in web applications, cloud operations, cybersecurity, and systems administration.

With a strong technology background and extensive industry expertise, I connect high-level strategy with relevant operational insights.

I'm a channel partner for leading technology firms including Google, Veeam, Datto, Palo Alto, and AWS. I'm also Microsoft Tier-II Cloud Solution Provider and an Azure Solutions Architect.

I design logos for open-source projects in my spare time. To this end, I believe that minimalism, user experience, and aesthetics play an important role in the approach and development of strong technical solutions.

I also jot down stuff on my blog whenever I can. As of late, I've been interested in new technology concepts such as containers, machine learning, and the "zero-trust" cybersecurity paradigm. I'm passionate about the use of the cloud to enable real-world computing for the greater good.