Paramdeo Singh. Personal Website. One page, zero ducks.

# About Me

InfraOps + SysAdmin • Web Dev + Designer • Photographer • Consultant
1,337% Guyanese. Most likely hidden in a Docker Swarm behind NGINX, somewhere.
I stay abreast with new technology concepts such as containers, serverless, machine learning, and the “zero-trust” cyber security paradigm.
I’m passionate about the use of the Cloud to enable real-world philanthropic computing.

# Recent Side Projects + Portfolios

  1. IP Addy []

    A free service that returns your Public IP address via the browser or command line.

  2. Quollated []

    A curated collection of some of the best quotes I’ve come across.

  3. Kodaijiin []

    Portfolio of logo designs for open-source projects, clients, charities, etc.

  4. Stay tuned… Chaos is being ordered as we speak.

# Social Media