I stand with the people of Ukraine during this heinous assault on their freedoms, their independence, and their very lives.

πŸ‘‹ Hey there! I'm a web developer, sysadmin, and generalist who's focused on the intersection of technology, design, strategy, and business.

I also curate interesting links, make blog posts from time to time, keep a list of good reads, and tinker with side projects when I can.

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01 Jan 2022 β€’ 17 min read

Making a Weekly Habit Calendar with Bootstrap and JavaScript

Creating a mobile-friendly weekly habit calendar that can be easily deployed and referenced as needed.

21 Nov 2021 β€’ 11 min read

Creating Disclaimers for Old Blog Posts with JavaScript

Notify readers that a blog post may be outdated using date calculations and JavaScript.

19 Nov 2021 β€’ 7 min read

Enforcing Security Headers with Cloudflare Transform Rules

Apply security headers to your website if you don't have access to your web server's configuration.

06 Nov 2021 β€’ 6 min read

Compiling Bootstrap's JavaScript with Parcel

Using the Parcel bundler to package Bootstrap's JavaScript bundle for production.

18 May 2021 β€’ 7 min read

Using Unsplash for Featured Images in Jekyll

Programmatically use Unsplash for OpenGraph image URLs in blog posts and site pages.

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