Paramdeo Singh

I’ve spent the last two decades immersed in web & cloud technologies, systems design/architecture, and strategic consulting.

To a lesser extent, I’ve also done some marketing, copy-writing and branding along the way.

Cloud Services Skillset

Microsoft Azure

I host of business apps for remote deployment. Experience in SPLA and Azure AD.

Amazon Web Services

I manage multiple AWS accounts for clients. Experience in web server stacks and hybrid storage.

Cloud Enablement

I help SMBs and Enterprises effectively scope, integrate, and adopt Cloud computing.

Cloud Migration

I help organizations convert apps and data on-premises into Cloud-first solutions.

Cloud Security

I plan and implement extensive security for any Cloud-based infrastructure or app.

Application Hosting + Delivery

From eCommerce websites to Remote Desktop hosted applications, I optimize and deliver.

Office 365

As a Microsoft CSP Partner, I help any size of organization deploy any Office 365 solution available.

Private + Hybrid Clouds

I extend on-premise networks, applications, and data into the Cloud, and vice-versa.

Web Development + Hosting

I develop aesthetic and high performance websites with fully managed hosting and maintenance.

Anonymity + Privacy

I specialize in using standards such as OpenPGP, Tor, VPNs, etc. to ensure secure communication.


I can optimize WordPress from the ground up. Hosting, delivery, security, and scalability.

Design Skillset


I transform 1990’s brands into contemporary masterpieces, from the ground up.

Content Marketing

I can create relevant content from scratch, targeting niches with expository material.

Enterprise + Sales Copywriting

Fluid jargon, product based research, and an assorted vocabulary make for magnetic lingo.

Corporate Identity

I develop consistent colors, fonts, layouts and look-and-feel across digital and print media.

Logo Design

A passion for color and avant-garde helps me to create clean, minimalist, and fitting logos.

Digital Marketing

Images and messages need to come together to say a thousand words — using a few. I do that.

Strategy Skillset

B2C + B2B Strategy

I help focus branding, pricing, and marketing for customers vs. vendors, or both.

Digital Transformation

Implementing digital processes into business is a complex and delicate task. I excel at it.

Monetization Strategy

I can help in developing proven digital pricing and profitability strategies for  ROI results.

KPI Assessment

I can extrapolate, collate, and drill down analytics into actionable data for better decision making.

IT Skillset

Information Security

I can architect role based access, certificate & key-based auth, encryption, auditing, etc.

Digital Forensics

I perform data recovery, access auditing, privilege escalation and create security footprints.

Threat Management

I can architect APT resistance, honeypots, zero-day protection, packet-based security, etc.

Enterprise + OSS Licensing

I can procure and deploy licensing for any private or open source software with ITSM access.

Backup + Continuity

I specialize in strategies for block level backups, continuity, syncing and fail-over.


I specialize in data storage, sharing and compliance solutions for any industry niche.

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