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Side Projects

A helpful JavaScript utility library.


To-do app. We've all built one. Here's mine.

Bare Bin

A free, simple, and stateless pastebin.

Status Codes

Test applications and scripts against valid HTTP response codes.

Net Find

Quick contextual searches using URL delimiters.

IP Addy

Returns your public IP address.


Top Stories from Hacker News without the comments or clutter.


A password generator for 99% of use cases.


A growing, curated list of favorite quotes.

Website Development

An MSP that brings together development, operations, marketing, and service management to any organization.

Factor Alpha
Factor Alpha

A Digital Agency that crafts your vision, engages your audience, and helps you realize success.

End of the Road
End of the Road

Landing page for a book about Political-Economic Catastrophe from Fiat, Debt, Inflation Targeting, and Inequality.

Rights of the Child Commission
Rights of the Child Commission

A quasi-governmental body with jurisdiction to investigate the rights and interest of children in Guyana.

Hug America
Hug America

A non-profit organization that strives to make a positive impact in its community through interaction.

Amy's Pomeroon Foods
Amy's Pomeroon Foods

A food processing Company Guyana supplying both local and regional export markets with coffee products.

Barbados Co-Op Investment Fund
Barbados Co-Op Investment Fund

Harnesing the financial resources of Barbadians to provide a significant boost to economic activity on the island.

AX Investment & Consultants
AX Investment & Consultants

Providing a wide range of professional accounting services from business registration to corporate taxation.

Visual Design

Behance is my creative portfolio of logo designs, brand identity, and digital marketing.

Creative Writing
Tidal Verses

Tidal Verses is a growing collection of poetry centered around the Earth, taking inspiration from the vast collection of landscape photography images found on Unsplash.

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