PGP, God, ICANN, Networked Software, etc.

 07 Jul 2019

PGP, God, ICANN, Networked Software, etc.

What's the matter with PGP?

In light of the recent SKS Keyserver attack, this is a sound reminder of some flaws that are fundamental to PGP.

Lawrence Krauss: Atheism and the Spirit of Science

A great view on the abstractions that science makes in pursuit of reason vs. those that religion uses as a source of dogma.

Architectural Styles and the Design of Network-based Software Architectures

Wonderful resource by Roy Thomas Fielding on the elements of networking computing and delivery. I highly recommend the section on REST for a thorough overview of oft-overlooked fundamentals.

The Problem with "The Seven Keys"

A nice quick writeup outlining how ICANN manages cryptographic keys, DNSSEC and the consensus that keeps it all functioning smoothly.

Startup Idea Checklist

Cool blog post that lists a few to-do's and must-do's when it comes to starting a company and developing both internal & market-driven efficiencies.

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