Biohybrid Robots, Microinteractions, Language, Snowden, Vinyl, etc.

 06 Oct 2019

Biohybrid Robots, Microinteractions, Language, Snowden, Vinyl, etc.

Researchers Build Microscopic Biohybrid Robots Propelled by Muscles, Nerves

This is a magnificent feat of engineering that's also a nod to nature's efficiency.

Microinteractions: Small Details Matter

Good article outlining this fundamental concept in human-centric design.

This Simple Structure Unites All Human Languages

Interesting linguistic dive into the syntactic/semantic similarities in spoken language.

ColorBox by Lyft Design

Nifty little design tool for generating linear palettes.

Why I Decided Not to Delete My Old Internet Posts

Article can be summed up with this quote from Edward Snowden: "To deny my younger self would have been to deny my present self’s validity."

The Truth About Vinyl - Vinyl vs. Digital

For all the fellow audiophiles out there, this is a must-watch for understanding digital vs. analog sound encoding and reproduction.

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