Food Deserts, 2FA, Poverty Wars, Viral Safe Rooms, etc.

 12 Jan 2020

Food Deserts, 2FA, Poverty Wars, Viral Safe Rooms, etc.

Eliminating "Food Deserts" Won't Cure Nutritional Inequality

In a nutshell, this study by the National Bureau of Economic Research found that "nutritional inequality has less to do with the supply of supermarkets in a neighborhood than with the demand for healthier foods by its residents. Their findings suggest that education, nutritional knowledge, and regional food preferences play a far larger role in nutritional inequality than access issues."

HTML Attributes to Improve Your Users' Two Factor Authentication Experience

Excellent guidelines for front-end development work; making the most of how modern browsers read and interpret HTML attributes.

A Dignified Death is Out of Reach for Venezuela's Poorest

Haunting imagery by AP photographers showing the extent of suffering in Venezuela under Nicolas Maduro's tyrannical regime.

Why the War on Poverty Failed

Old but still very much apt article outlining the history of policy-making that ultimately led to a worsening of poverty.

CRISPR-Resistant Viruses Build ‘Safe Rooms’ to Shield Genomes from DNA-Dicing Enzymes

The sheer robustness of these phages under excessive laboratory conditions is a testament to how effective they are in the wild, and to the myriad possibilities of using them as a weapon against diseases.

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