Surveillance, Wi-Fi, Cash, Solo Founders, Moon Landing Failure, etc.

 19 Jan 2020

Surveillance, Wi-Fi, Cash, Solo Founders, Moon Landing Failure, etc.

Read Nixon's Never-Delivered Speech in the Event the Moon Landing Failed

Whomever was the speechwriter did a concise but wonderful job in portraying the magnitude of achievement, the depth of loss, and the meaningfulness of remembrance in the event this message had to be broadcast.

Being a Solo Founder: Pros, Cons, Tips & Tricks

Not an exhaustive list, but a good reminder of some moving parts to be mindful of when running a company solo.

Top AP Photos of 2019 Range from the Epic to the Intimate

AP photographers are always at the heart of the story; capturing images from some of the most enigmatic and dangerous part of the globe. Their yearly round up is well worth a look.

A Dive into the Technology of Corporate Surveillance

Superbly informative writeup from EFF on the many types of ingress points that are used in surveillance; with a heavy focus on tracking across devices, use of geolocation, and the combined network effect of the collated data sets. Recommended reading for anyone that's privacy-conscious.

In Praise of Cash

A good exposé on the importance of keeping cash as a viable option even though there's a push towards going cashless. The benefits of at least having cash as an option include security, privacy, decentralization, and empowerment of the individual — well worth the read if you're in the FinTech space.

The Magical Science of Wi-Fi on Airplanes

Pretty informative post about the different types of transponders, latency, and technology used for airplane Wi-Fi. I never gave much thought to how this worked but the technical details are fascinating.

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