Fusion Energy, Data Centers, Rotation, Idiosyncrasy, Passwords, etc.

 21 Feb 2020

Fusion Energy, Data Centers, Rotation, Idiosyncrasy, Passwords, etc.

Radical Hydrogen-Boron Reactor Leapfrogs Current Nuclear Fusion Tech

If this works as promised, then verily it represents the future of energy for the planet.

IBM's Lost Decade

This is great deep-dive into how IBM's shift from technology to consulting played a big role in their declining bottom line; or as the article quips — down and to the right.

How Many Data Centers Needed World-Wide

Very good insights into the considerations (wattage, redundancy, latency, etc.) when deciding on how to build and scale a global data center fleet.

Facing Up To Facial Recognition

Fair perspective on the role of AI when aimed to be used for public good in an increasingly connected world.

The Boring Debate Over The Use Of Full-Stack

"A real full-stack engineer would know how to write a compiler." Amusing quote, but the article touches on important points regarding how development is done (and perceived) across the many layers of abstraction that are sometimes taken for granted.

You Have A Set Amount Of "Weirdness Points". Spend Them Wisely.

Thoughtful write-up on the concept of "Idiosyncrasy Credits" which describe an individual's capacity to acceptably deviate from group expectations.

Time for Password Expiration to Die

Old but always timely reminder and reference article that outlines the staggeringly bad idea of password expiration.

Wigner Rotation

Easily-digestible overview of a technical and intuitive concept in physics.

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