Icon Design, Fentanyl, William Gibson, Cancer, Data, Zero-Trust, etc.

 09 Mar 2020

Icon Design, Fentanyl, William Gibson, Cancer, Data, Zero-Trust, etc.

7 Principles of Icon Design

One of the best articles to read if you're interested in the aesthetics of icon design and their role within user interfaces as a whole.

William Gibson — Cyberspace's Prophet Talks AI and Climate

Great interview with Gibson on how his ideas are contextualized in the modern day mashup of cyberspace and AI. On a side note if you haven't read his signature title "Neuromancer", it's an eternally good read.

23 Rules to Run a Software Startup with Minimum Hassle

This is a pretty actionable writeup that contains some non-obvious things to keep in mind. I found it extremely applicable for any startup not just ones dealing with software.

How China Flooded the U.S. with Lethal Fentanyl, Fueling the Opioid Crisis

Quite an interesting deep dive into the geopolitical supply chain that surrounds the opioid epidemic in the U.S.

Three Types of Data

Technically applicable, but a great read for anyone interested in ways of categorizing and approaching data in the larger scope of systems theory.

Reasonably Polymorphic

A completely free and web-based book on the fundamentals of computer science, written by Sandy Maguire.

Advertising is a Cancer on Society

Pretty spot-on overview of the types of intrusive advertising.

Zero Trust and Disabling Remote Management Endpoints

Concise and well written high-level blog post outlining the benefits and rationale behind implementing zero-trust in as many places as possible within a networked environment.

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