3D Webpages, Configuration Distribution, HTOP, Anti-AdBlocking, Octo Protocol, etc.

 04 Apr 2020

3D Webpages, Configuration Distribution, HTOP, Anti-AdBlocking, Octo Protocol, etc.

Configuration Distribution at Internet Scale

Great insight into Cloudflare impressively re-implementing their tooling from scratch for insanely fast performance — "2.5 trillion read requests and 30 million write requests a day on over 90,000 database instances across thousands of servers".

The World Must Not Mimic China's Authoritarian Model to Fight COVID-19

An article that delves into the considerations surrounding the reaction to the current COVID-19 pandemic in the context of societal freedoms and human rights.

Debug z-index Stacking Content with 3D View in the Microsoft Edge DevTools

How cool would it be to inspect a webpage's elements in a 3-dimensionally stacked DOM? Microsoft Edge's team considered that question and just went with it.

How an Anti Ad-Blocker Works: Reverse-Engineering BlockAdBlock

Superb technical writeup about how the mechanics of anti-adblocking functions, and the measures that are taken by adblockers to be one step ahead. I was surprised at the logical simplicity of the techniques used to identify changes in user/browser/script interactions.

HTOP Explained

Good read for anyone interested in the workings of the `htop` utility, or for those who would like a quick refresher.

Improving Scale and Media Quality with Cascading SFUs

An article by one of the developers over at Jitsi that gives great thoughts and solutions for a problem that reads as such: "Deploying media servers for WebRTC has two major challenges, scaling beyond a single server as well as optimizing the media latency for all users in the conference."

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