Malformed HTML, UX/CX, Attacking k8s, Schema Design, Batch Work, Preloading, etc.

 11 Apr 2020

Malformed HTML, UX/CX, Attacking k8s, Schema Design, Batch Work, Preloading, etc.

Finding Malformed Markup in Non-HTML Documents

Impressive use of the command line and `awk` to sanitize HTML tags and syntax in any regular file.

Prefetching, Preloading, Prebrowsing

Good refresher on the options available for front-loading TCP handshakes, DNS queries, and DOM rendering that give a better website experience for the end user.

UX and CX: Same Language; Different Dialects

Interesting take on the overlap between Customer Experience and User Experience (and segmentation vs. behavior) as it relates to product development.

"All-or-Nothing" Thinking More Common in People with Anxiety, Depression, and Suicidal Ideation

A good clinical deep dive into how big-picture decision making happens in folks with emotional distress. I'm guessing this also fits hand-in-glove with manic/bipolar depression as well.

Attack Matrix for Kubernetes

Superb overview of the security posture considerations for Kubernetes clusters, referencing the MITRE ATT&CK® framework.

A Humble Guide to Database Schema Design

Database architecture and administration are usually given more attention than schema design concepts, and this blog post is a good solid read on the fundamentals to keep in mind when considering the data structure within a chosen database.

Work in Small Batches

Timeless guide that can be applied to any type of work not just software engineering; where compounding progress is needed either in creative pursuits or project completion.

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