Specificity, Taiwan, Laboratory Mice, Side Projects, WhatsApp, etc.

 18 Apr 2020

Specificity, Taiwan, Laboratory Mice, Side Projects, WhatsApp, etc.

The Simplicity of Specificity

Great explanation on the reason why specificity is good for declarative CSS as a best-practice.

The Importance of Launching

Reminder of the importance and benefit of creating equally or more than you consume; be it side projects, art, technology wire-frames, or even ideas themselves.

The 100 Percent Rule That Will Change Your Life

Re-watched this a few times. Great talk to keep fresh in your mind as it relates to fully committing yourself to goals and valuing the importance of conviction.

President of Taiwan: How My Country Prevented a Major Outbreak of COVID-19

Insight from Taiwan's president into how policy, data, and empathy were merged into an effective and well-executed response to the COVID pandemic.

The Illumination Series

John Paul Caponigro is a world-famous photographer, and I've watched some of his workshops over at B&H relating to color grading, processing, etc. This video is one of his (as usual) creatively profound presentations of his on-location landscape photography projects. Full-screen and headphones recommended.

Why Using WhatsApp Is Dangerous

Not that we need a reminder of how insecure WhatsApp is from an OPSEC standpoint, but a good refresher nonetheless from Telegram's founder.

Of Mice and Men: Unseen Dangers in Laboratory Protocols

Old article of a topic that's been resurrected lately due to the testing of drugs for efficacy against COVID-19.

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