Linux Containers, Ennui, Red Queen, COVID-19, Ball Cooking, Empathy, etc.

 02 May 2020

Linux Containers, Ennui, Red Queen, COVID-19, Ball Cooking, Empathy, etc.

Comparison Between LXC And LXD

It's not easy to find a simple guide with examples of the semantic differences between the more modern LXD manager for the LXC utility it vs. commandline-shotgunning LXC itself.

Ennui: How To Overcome Chronic Boredom

Is ennui is a few steps away from absolute nihilism? I'm not sure, and I'll have to delve into that deeply, but it's a great article that defines situations that are hard to self-identify with before they materialize into behavioral traits (or not).

Scientists Who Express Different Views On COVID-19 Should Be Heard, Not Demonized

The spirit of science should be one of open discussion within a marketplace of ideas — not a peer-reviewed echo chamber that tries to ostracize the act of inquisitive skepticism. Scientists have historically been persecuted for far more outlandish (and world-changing) views, the difference being that such persecution usually comes from outside of the scientific community; not within.

Mastering SystemD: Securing And Sandboxing Applications And Services

After the initial 'systemd' vs. 'sysvinit' debacle, I've slowly come to accept and utilize 'systemd' for a lot of process and production-oriented workflows. Opinions on init systems aside, this is a great article from Red Hat itself on the best-practices of securing applications and services that utilize 'systemd'.

Red Queen Hypothesis

Fascinating read on evolutionary theory. TL/DR from the article: "...organisms must constantly adapt, evolve, and proliferate in order to survive while pitted against ever-evolving opposing organisms in a constantly changing environment, as well as to gain reproductive advantage." Perhaps the animal kingdom is more zero-sum than we thought?

Heat Based Contraception — Natural Birth Control For Men?

Once you ignore the domain name, you'll find it's a really good historical article on (ironically) using heat to not "cook" your balls but what's inside them. With hot tubs and saunas and the like, it seems to be the most natural type of birth control, at the very least to strategically augment the usual female birth control that a partner would initially undertake.

Empathy Mapping: The First Step in Design Thinking

Sublime exposition of the way sentiment analysis is done overarchingly in marketing and UX design to map and even preempt user behavior. This process holds true for both digital and physical goods as well.

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