Detonation Engines, COVID-19, Debian, Feynman, Non-Carousels, Bash, etc.

 10 May 2020

Detonation Engines, COVID-19, Debian, Feynman, Non-Carousels, Bash, etc.

Some Relatively Obscure Bash Tips

It would seem that there are secrets of the Bourne Again Shell always waiting to be discovered; unless of course someone finds them for us. Not sure how many of these I would use daily but it's quite a superb list of shell commands that mirror the many other Bash posts by the same author.

Confessions Of An Unintentional CTO

This compilation of posts over the years is actually a free book due to the length and composition. I would have opted to link to each article individually, but they really represent a real-world goldmine of information (some of which is subjective by the author's own admission) that revolve around technical problems and realities that a CTO or administrator may encounter.

We Chat, They Watch

This eye-opening report takes a deep-dive into the rules, strategies, and processes that are used by WeChat to censor information sent within the app regardless of the location of the user. Highly recommended reading.

Should I Use A Carousel?

There's a certain web developer comradery in finding someone who hates carousels as much as I do; so much so that they made a website befit with irony in order to hammer the point home.

World's First "Impossible" Rotating Detonation Engine Fires Up

It's hard to resist clicking through to an article that has the term Detonation Engine within the title. Quite an interesting breakdown of the difference between internal combustion engines that utilize constantly injected fuel for energy versus detonation engines, which release much more energy from timed explosive reactions and compounding shockwaves (of awesomeness).

Bruce Schneier On COVID-19 Contact Tracing Apps

A terse but clear exposition from Bruce that looks at the efficacy of contact-tracing apps not just through the lens of privacy and security, but also from a purely logical and objective vantage point as it relates to the statistical (read: real-world) usefulness of the correlated data.

Debian Social Contract

I've seen a lot of organizations and projects aim to add in a Code of Conduct (CoC) that caters for developers and contributors, but I would just like to point out that an equally useful Social Contract — such as the one utilized for years by Debian — is also a great gesture towards the end-user community for both overall trust-building and assurance of goals.

Use the Feynman Technique to Learn Faster

It does seem a bit obvious at first but I think that this technique is sometimes unintuitively ignored when learning curves become steep, probably due to a lack of planning beforehand in the overall learning experience when approaching something new or rehashing old ideas in order to apply them in practical if not novel ways.

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