Detonation Engines, COVID-19, Debian, Feynman, Non-Carousels, Bash, etc.

 10 May 2020  Link Dumps

Detonation Engines, COVID-19, Debian, Feynman, Non-Carousels, Bash, etc.

Some Relatively Obscure Bash Tips

Link: https://zwischenzugs.com/2020/05/09/some-relatively-obscure-bash-tips/

Archived Link: https://archive.vn/q9kB5

Confessions Of An Unintentional CTO

Link: https://www.jackkinsella.ie/books/confessions_of_an_unintentional_cto

Archived Link: https://archive.vn/9QD7N

We Chat, They Watch

Link: https://citizenlab.ca/2020/05/we-chat-they-watch/

Archived Link: https://archive.vn/gXIsy

Should I Use A Carousel?

Link: http://shouldiuseacarousel.com/

World's First "Impossible" Rotating Detonation Engine Fires Up

Link: https://newatlas.com/space/rotating-detonation-engine-ucf-hydrogen-oxygen/

Archived Link: https://archive.vn/MoenT

Bruce Schneier On COVID-19 Contact Tracing Apps

Link: https://www.schneier.com/blog/archives/2020/05/me_on_covad-19_.html

Archived Link: https://archive.vn/y8jvz

Debian Social Contract

Link: https://www.debian.org/social_contract

Archived Link: https://archive.vn/EdtG5

Use the Feynman Technique to Learn Faster

Link: https://collegeinfogeek.com/feynman-technique/

Archived Link: https://archive.vn/34eOj

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