Text Hiding, Ivy Lee, Cuban Currency, Red Fanta, Immunity Passports, etc.

 31 May 2020

Text Hiding, Ivy Lee, Cuban Currency, Red Fanta, Immunity Passports, etc.

Modern Text Hiding In JavaScript

A JavaScript take on using classical zero-width Unicode characters to enable stenography within strings.

The Ivy Lee Method For Peak Productivity

Single-task, queue-based productivity was really popularized by this technique; which I've tried since reading the article and it does indeed make a big difference. I think everyone innately understands the benefits of this approach, but we tend to drift away from the methodology due to distractions that constantly bombard us in the modern world.

A Day Using Money In Cuba

A really informative look into the complexities of how money is used in Cuba. Outside of the obvious organized corruption and racketeering, it's baffling to see how the dual currency is wielded in everyday life, especially within the pricing and spending dynamics of locals vs. foreigners.

Thailand's Spirits Have A Taste For Red Fanta

The fact that Thailand is Fanta's 4th largest global market is astounding. My only question would be why isn't Fanta Orange and Fanta Grape equally as popular? Either way, this is an insightful tidbit into how cultural habits have shaped an economic marker, instead of the other way around.

Embracing The Ultimate Unknown

I always enjoy reading articles that deal with existential topics and the larger, vaster reality of death that we usually ignore, or sometimes keep buried under a veneer of cultural anaesthesia.

The Ten Commandments For C Programmers (Annotated Edition)

I don't use the C language but as with many anecdotes of programming wisdom, these are both amusing from a systems approach and applicable in other languages as well.

Ten Reasons Why Immunity Passports Are A Bad Idea

A thoughtful list of pitfalls such as privacy violation, lack of accurate data, and erosion of civil liberties that far outweigh the fictional benefits of creating an "Immunity Passports", which in my opinion would be a globalist Orwellian nightmare impossible to awaken from the morning after.

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