Text Hiding, Ivy Lee, Cuban Currency, Red Fanta, Immunity Passports, etc.

 31 May 2020  Link Dumps

Text Hiding, Ivy Lee, Cuban Currency, Red Fanta, Immunity Passports, etc.

Modern Text Hiding In JavaScript

Link: https://blog.bitsrc.io/how-to-hide-secrets-in-strings-modern-text-hiding-in-javascript-613a9faa5787

Archived Link: https://archive.vn/VKGwS

The Ivy Lee Method For Peak Productivity

Link: https://jamesclear.com/ivy-lee

Archived Link: https://archive.vn/G9XSn

A Day Using Money In Cuba

Link: http://boazsobrado.com/blog/2020/05/22/a-day-using-money-in-cuba/

Archived Link: https://archive.vn/PFRnL

Thailand's Spirits Have A Taste For Red Fanta

Link: https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/thailand-drinks

Archived Link: https://archive.vn/JwBD8

Embracing The Ultimate Unknown

Link: https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/beautiful-minds/embracing-the-ultimate-unknown/

Archived Link: https://archive.vn/bnJSv

The Ten Commandments For C Programmers (Annotated Edition)

Link: https://www.lysator.liu.se/c/ten-commandments.html

Archived Link: https://archive.vn/EpLyV

Ten Reasons Why Immunity Passports Are A Bad Idea

Link: https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-020-01451-0

Archived Link: https://archive.vn/95Px8

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