Booting Vim, Quantum Matter, Hummingbird Vision, Peace From Mind, Pepsi Riots, etc.

 26 Jun 2020

Booting Vim, Quantum Matter, Hummingbird Vision, Peace From Mind, Pepsi Riots, etc.

Boot To Vim, Vim As PID 1

For hardcore CLI users (and possibly writers?) this is a nice way to add a boot option to a laptop's GRUB list for instant productivity. It's also great to be able to run shell commands as well as use the Vim plugin ecosystem to extend functionality.

Quantum Matter Orbits Earth

This is a real feat of particle physics! The creation of a Bose-Einstein condensate happened in orbit aboard the ISS is really the cherry on top, since from what I gather it provides clearer measurements and observations that are devoid of any Earthly interference.

The Sound Of Silence

I can see where the author of this post is coming from, and if it's taken to the extreme the result might very well be something akin to Nihilism, with the threat to existentialism of course being replaced with a threat to innovation by virtue of no one speaking their mind. I think the problem is becoming increasingly systemic, especially since "free speech" (granted to any individual) is being slowly eroded in academic and professional circles by the far-left notion of "mandated speech" (that conforms to the group).

Finding Peace From Mind

A nice summation of how the mind stills itself when it's experiencing anything that can be described as a blissful state, and a reminder that the goal to achieve this sort of stasis is really a longing to return to the mind's most resting state; freedom from the thought processes of the frontal cortex.

Wild Hummingbirds See A Broad Range Of Colors Humans Can Only Imagine

Even though having four color cone types is common among some types of animals, the evolution of this in the vision of a hummingbird seems to be one of excess suitability — since their ability to discern non-spectral hues covers and extends beyond the gamut of colors that any flowers possesses, making it an invaluable survival mechanism if you think about how often a hummingbird needs to feed.

Pepsi's $32 Billion Typo Caused Deadly Riots

Quite an unexpected and catastrophic chain of events that stemmed from human error in the initial supply chain. They should've used a better system that excluded the winning number from the set of numbers used for smaller prizes; and of course print the number elsewhere and randomly insert it into the supply chain afterwards.

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