Rabbit Ebola, Black Holes, Red Light, Artificial Intelligence, Startup Equity, etc.

 05 Jul 2020

Rabbit Ebola, Black Holes, Red Light, Artificial Intelligence, Startup Equity, etc.

The Rabbit Outbreak

Really good information about rabbit behavior in this article. I was also surprised to discover the otherworldly tenacity and durability of the virus that's causing the outbreak of Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease (RHD).

Lights And Shadows

As a photographer, and having a general interest in optics of any kind, this is a fascinating article that delves into the technical properties of light, reflection, shadows, etc. If that wasn't useful enough, each concept is coupled with stunning interactive elements that accurately portray the physics behind them in Cartesian space.

The Black Sheep Of Black Holes

There's nothing like a good astronomy article. This one doesn't disappoint, with some uncanny facts about primordial black holes that shed light (or darkness?) onto observed data of our own solar system and the dark matter of the universe at large.

Declining Eyesight Can Be Improved By Looking At Red Light

Very promising results from this study, although I'm hesitant to stare directly into a near-infrared light source directly rather than simply utilizing ambient light of the same nature coupled with a removal of sources in the blue spectrum.

Scaling HEY On AWS And Kubernetes

I found this article interesting because it focuses on salient strategies surrounding Kubernetes, choice of cloud, value vs. cost, etc. relating to the infrastructure of a relatively new app that's scaling very quickly. Apart from the usefulness of such insights being given in an interview format, there were some notable takeaways such as the AWS S3 egress data costs being higher than that of the AWS EC2 compute nodes!

Why General Artificial Intelligence Will Not Be Realized

My personal view is also that Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is entirely not feasible, especially in the way that science fiction proffers it, but my reasoning behind it is different but tangential to those the paper seeks to expound on. That being said, the article brings up a number of intrinsic arguments against AGI that I've not researched, and truth be told, as of the time of posting this Link Dump I've yet to complete the article in its entirely (much less integrate it into my thinking about AI/AGI as a whole). But so far, it's well worth the read.

9 Terms You'll See In Your Startup Equity Offer — And What They Actually Mean

Private equity and VC-related human resources information is sometimes hard to come by in understandable and clear formats; hence this article is a gem as it breaks down the standard terms and their meaning in the scope of hiring policies and employee ownership. The literal vs. practical definitions for each point are also quite invaluable.

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