Chaos Engineering, CSS One-Liners, Stolen Technology, Flight Control, Hidden Magnetism, etc.

 11 Jul 2020

Chaos Engineering, CSS One-Liners, Stolen Technology, Flight Control, Hidden Magnetism, etc.

The Hidden Magnetic Universe Begins to Come Into View

Interesting article on magnetic fields across the entire cosmos. I've read before about older cultures believing and documenting magnetism both intra and extra-Earthly as a navigation, transport, and even energy generating mechanism of some kind. The fact that this article is the inflection point where modern science taps (epistemologically) into the same vein of thinking is quite uncanny.

Did a Chinese Hack Kill Canada's Greatest Tech Company?

Huawei's reputation within Silicon Valley is well known (viz. their theft of source code from Cisco Systems) but this article highlights another, more pervasive undertaking by one of China's most prolific thieves of intellectual property; the target being Nortel Networks.

The Observer Effect With Marc Andreessen

One of the lightly-mentioned but salient points is the praise he imparted on his assistant. Having a lot of smaller, repetitive, and scheduling/communication-related tasks being offloaded greatly helps to recover time that can be used productively. Apart from that, the entire article is a wonderful insight into how time is managed at that level of scale, both in the scope of work as well as personal development.

Principles Of Chaos Engineering

Causing randomized disruptions in production clusters definitely isn't for the faint of heart, but there are definitely benefits to this approach when one considers the fallacy of having redundancy and backups that are never stress-tested. The site is a good primer of the best practices involved in the implementation of such a methodology.

Ten Modern Layouts In One Line Of CSS

This nifty exploration into the simplicity that CSS affords is a good reminder of how little is needed to effect layout-specific styles that are also responsive across devices. A great starting point for when you need to utilize HTML to display parsed data while having usability vs. performance issues to consider.

The More Senior Your Job Title, The More You Need To Keep A Journal

While I've unsuccessfully tried journalizing before (for different reasons than those posited in the article) I get the feeling that the more senior you are also the more time you would likely have to pursue such an act of retrospective detailing and incremental documentation of progress over time.

The F-22 Raptor's Flight Control System

Really cool article and related video that details the brilliant combination of analog and digital systems that work in unison to give the F-22 its unrivaled air superiority.

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