Agglomerators, Blueberries, Metal Diets, The Milky Way, Human Desire, Functional CSS, etc.

 18 Jul 2020

Agglomerators, Blueberries, Metal Diets, The Milky Way, Human Desire, Functional CSS, etc.

Astronomers Have Found The Edge Of The Milky Way At Last

Very impressive way to ascertain the outer limits of a galaxy by observing the velocity of nearby small galaxies (among other complex calculations, observations, and measurements). It's a great appending of knowledge surrounding the Milky Way, especially in relation to the Andromeda galaxy.

Agglomerators vs. Specialists

Really good article highlighting the characteristics and nature of venture capital firms, and some of the criteria that enable them to be defined within a bifurcation of market type and investment stage.

The Lost Art Of Growing Blueberries With Fire

Equal parts art, science, and tradition. I never knew blueberries were grown in such as way, and it's a great bit of operational knowledge as well — the the nuance of the burning process done by hand in order to produce a crop of exceptional and better quality.

Bacteria With A Metal Diet Discovered In Dirty Glassware

Quite a novel discovery, that of bacteria that feed on and metabolize metal as an energy source. It certainly gives credence to the assumption that life in other parts of the Universe would both be biologically different in how they interact with matter but also how they advance technologically. It's also a great read into how the scientific process leading to such a discovery was carried out, with all the bewilderment and awe one would expect.

Resilient Interdomain Traffic Exchange for BGP Security

BGP continues to be an insecure but vital protocol that shoulders the very backbone of information exchange across the globe. This publication from NIST outlines a method to securely implement an authenticated, enhanced BGP protocol as a necessary step in the right direction with respect to the security and resiliency of Internet traffic across providers.

The Four Desires Driving All Human Behavior

A great excerpt from Bertrand Russell's Nobel acceptance speech that focuses on desire, acquisitiveness, vanity, love, and other bits of thought that are individually as timeless as the entirety of his life's work.

The Perils Of Functional CSS

I recently refactored a small side project using Tachyons CSS to see what it's like, and while I found it useful for a single page and very simply layouts, creating an entire website using functional CSS frameworks would be nothing short of a nightmare.

Looking-Glass Politics

Absolutely fantastic exposition that looks into the "Dunbar Number"; which describes cognitive boundaries that social media platforms have bridged across different domains of knowledge, allowing interactions to occur on the basis of ownership of social issues that carry with them both a heavy burden and questionable barrier of entry.

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