Hiroshima, Usability, St. Elmo's Fire, Chernobyl, Semiconductors, Hollywood Villains, etc.

 15 Aug 2020

Hiroshima, Usability, St. Elmo's Fire, Chernobyl, Semiconductors, Hollywood Villains, etc.

These Central American Monkeys Have Officially Entered The Stone Age

These monkeys look so animated, and what's surprising to me is the dexterity with which they handle the rocks that they use as large blunt-force nutcrackers. I see human garbage in the background of the video, but no monolith.

One Breath Around The World

Pardon the pun, but this is absolutely breathtaking. A video by World Champion free diver Guillaume Néry that highlights the vastness of the open world under the sea and the scale at which we fit into it.

Drop-Down Usability

The auto-complete implementation is probably the way it should be done everywhere. I'm very appreciative of both the breath of case studies that were done pertaining to this single UI element, and also the release of an open-source implementation for anyone to incorporate into their project.

The Elusive Horror Of Hiroshima

Haunting imagery and tragic stories empower this article to formulate a grim picture of the aftermath of the senseless bombings that was done to hundreds of thousands of civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The kind of evil that permeated the men who authorized such an act mystifies me to this day.

Chinese Hackers Have Pillaged Taiwan's Semiconductor Industry

IP theft by China is the rule and not the exception, so it's no surprise that such valuable trade secrets were targeted geopolitically so close to home. The fact that the entire industry of semi-conductor fabrication was targeted is arguably a sign that China will redouble efforts to manufacture homegrown hardware and silicon to further centralize it's supply chain.

Forest Fires Are Setting Chernobyl's Radiation Free

Animals, plants, and even bacteria were found to be either chronically affected to adapted to the radiation within the Exclusion Zone, but these insights show that the same medium (air currents) that helped to spread the initial radiation debris after the accident are now also the cause of secondary spread of radionuclides far beyond the perceived safe borders; according to the article some 2000 miles away.

How Airplanes Counteract St. Elmo's Fire During Thunderstorms

Nice historical tidbits of corona discharge from ship's masts to cell towers to aircraft wing tips. I read it as a sort of refresher in electrostatic particles and how they behave. The research lab discovering that altering the charge of a plane in flight could reduce it's chances of getting struck by lightning was just a great takeaway of how the balancing of emergent properties with those of the natural world can be done.

CIA Shoelacing Method For Covert Signalling

Integrity and encryption for SneakerNet! All joking aside, this is an interesting method and is analog enough to actually be quite secure. As an aside, the other shoelace and shoelace-tying methods found on the website are very expansive and detailed, and probably cover every possible permutation one can think of.

Fear Of Authoritarian Regimes Is Pushing The Film Industry To Self-Censor

Freedom of expression and industries that thrive on such expression must always be vigilant not to get into bed with totalitarian regimes; and their investments. The example cited in the article where the flags of US Allies Taiwan and Japan were removed from the upcoming remake of Top Gun — due to Chinese demands — borders on incomprehensible.

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