Fanta, Typography, Schrödinger's Cat, Tacit Knowledge, Website Speeds, Chess, etc.

 19 Sep 2020

Fanta, Typography, Schrödinger's Cat, Tacit Knowledge, Website Speeds, Chess, etc.

Why Tacit Knowledge Is More Important Than Deliberate Practice

Fewer things are true that what is said in this article. Tacit knowledge in my opinion is the only knowledge that truly makes one intuit towards mastery of one's craft.

How Fanta Was Created For Nazi Germany

Interesting tidbits from the article on Fanta's parent company Coca-Cola; such as the physical origin of the name (from the coca leaf and the kola nut) and their business model of supplying with refreshments the same Nazi Germany that US soldiers were fighting and dying to defeat.

Signifier Design Information

A great deep dive into the world of typographical design, including the chronology of using historical typesets as a guide for digital adaptation. A lovely quote from the article reads "Fonts once existed as physical things [...] Digital fonts only exist fleetingly. They are experienced, mediated by a screen. Once the power is switched off they cease to exist."

Schrödinger's Cat When Nobody Is Looking

Good article that does raise some obvious questions about the nature of the consciousness itself that's posited as a property affecting quantum states. The rest of the article is well above my understanding of physics, and is quite a lengthy scientific read.

Pleasure Is Good: How French Children Acquire A Taste For Life

A four-course lunch served in daycare is probably the most French concept ever, but the article goes on to make a valid point of the benefit of faster social integration of the child when such techniques are used. There's also the ideas of consistency, discipline, and focusing on the task at hand that all come into play in the pursuit of an otherwise mundane act, such as having a family meal where everyone is removed from social and technological distractions (phones, television, etc.) and human bonding and communication take center stage.

Limiting The Power Of RPKI Authorities

The article speaks to an inherent threat within the RPKI ecosystem, namely its centralized nature and possible attacks against the root authority domains. It's a common conundrum that arises when secure but centralized systems are rolled out asynchronously. RIPE's approach to reducing the threat model is to distribute trust, i.e. requiring a consensus of second-level authorities before any changes are made to the underlying infrastructure governing the secure mappings of ASNs to IP prefixes, which is what RPKI was built to solve.

AI Ruined Chess; Now It's Making The Game Beautiful Again

It's always amazing to watch GM's play through the first 5-10 moves in a matter of seconds. Often times these are the strongest move orders that flow logically from a given opening that was prepared for; and can even extend further into the middlegame if the position lends to moves where the players are still "in book". Modern players use computer analysis extensively, and AlphaZero's ability to uniquely view the chess game in hyper-fluid ways (and produce exquisite variations) is quite refreshing, as the article correctly posits.

Sentinels And Sanctuaries

Wonderful gallery by Steve McCurry that highlights the interweaving of the humble tree within the larger expanse of human life.

Is The Web Getting Slower?

This is a recurring theme of the Internet, where perception vs. reality as it relates to the speed of the web in general continues to be a talking point. I'm still of the view that getting back to basics should be the prime goal of web developers — i.e. the display of information using the web as medium, not as message. The article spars with the technical details surrounding accurate measurement that varies due to global internet speeds and DOM interactions by browsers/devices. At any rate, modern scripts and other dependencies can lurch webpages into multi-megabyte sizes quite unnecessarily.

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