Sloped Edges, Video Calls, Gas Pumps, Embargoes, Flashing Lights, Molten Salt, etc.

 17 Oct 2020

Sloped Edges, Video Calls, Gas Pumps, Embargoes, Flashing Lights, Molten Salt, etc.

Sloped Edges With Consistent Angle In CSS

This is a great example of visualizing the DOM and viewport in order to use vanilla CSS to shift the perception and rendering of the container div; quite an elegant solution that's easy to intuit once you see how it's achieved.

NVIDIA Uses AI To Slash Bandwidth On Video Calls

This is beyond impressive as far as real world usage of GANs go. In my opinion a highly practical way of applying this technology is to intentionally lower/shift the quality on the fly just a bit so as to "blend" the layer boundaries where the stitching happens. That way the doctoring isn't apparent, you still benefit from the massive bandwidth savings (which I consider most important anyway), and it appears more believable in the real-world context of variable bitrates.

How Does A Gas Pump Know To Shut Itself Off?

Some really cool insight into the self-contained analog technology of the gas pump, based on simple physics of air pressure and a diaphragm.

How Young Cubans Circumvented Embargoes To Make Their Own DIY Network

It's refreshing to see a real-world example of a true to form Intranet that's synchronously updated via sneakernet nodes. All the geeky buzzwords aside, this is a testament to innovation and also a reminder of the threats that Communist and Socialist regimes apply (freely) to freedom of speech.

New Design Molten Salt Reactor Is Cheaper To Run, Consumes Nuclear Waste

Good background info in this article on the design choices surrounding nuclear reactor design choices fromt he 70's going forward. The new molten chloride salt fast reactor (MCSFR) design is a stunning modern take both from an engineering and practical entrepreneurship perspective; and it looks like that design may very well shape the clean-energy future that our planet desperately needs.

Images As Code: Representing Localized And Evolving Products On Marketing Pages

This is one of the times I admire the functional extension of HTML with markup incorporating SVG and JS for a purpose that is user-first and not based on some abstracted metric. Shopify obviously has stellar engineering chops, but the practical context of the idea itself as expounded in the article really sheds light on both a correct and functional way of utilizing modern web technologies.

How Flashing Lights And Pink Noise Might Banish Alzheimer's, Improve Memory And More

I came across this article when I was I was doing further research into the usage of 40Hz tones to effect cognitive recuperation and general brain health. Flashing lights as well, according to the study, have been shown to have an effect on the cellular level to brainwave stimulation.

Viral Effects Are Not Network Effects

Great deep dive into the differences between viral and networked growth especially as it relates to product adoption, usage, and addition of value to the end user. Of note is the focus on growth when talking in viral terms, and the notion of defensibility when considering a true network effect in the market.

Computer Chess: Longest-Running Experiment In Computing Science

This was a great read, with some fascinating tidbits of both computing and chess history. That the cited article was written by George R. R. Martin (of Game of Thrones fame) is interesting in-and-of-itself, but I also thought maybe the "fish" slang had a connection somehow to the naming of the popular Stockfish chess engine; but apparently it does not.

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