Single Page Applications, Nuclear Deals, CSS Variables, 5G, Galaxies, Shadow DOMs, etc.

 29 Oct 2020

Single Page Applications, Nuclear Deals, CSS Variables, 5G, Galaxies, Shadow DOMs, etc.

The Disadvantages Of Single Page Applications

I must say I agree with all of the reasons that the author enumerates against SPAs. The default approach should be considerate usage of JavaScript and CSS that follow the guidelines of Progressive Enhancement — rather than trying to force gigantic resource-intensive libraries down the user's throat and at the same time totally destroying the role of the browser (and browsing) in the process. It's worth noting that the article from 2014, and yet it's sadly more than relevant in today's bloated web, which is awash with constant, unnecessary monstrosities of JavaScript.

We Need A Nuclear New Deal, Not A Green New Deal

In the Link Dump prior to this one, there was a great article that outlined the future of nuclear reactor technology using molten chloride salt fast reactor (MCSFR) designs. This article focuses more on the policy aspect, but is just as relevant as the US the rest of the world need to make smart, informed choices on the benefits of nuclear power and the dangers of "renewable" energy sources that do more harm than good in the long run.

CSS Variables 101

I love using CSS variables as opposed to those native to SCSS, simply for the easier syntax if nothing else. This article is a good refresher on some of the use cases and best-practices surrounding CSS variables.

This Page Is A Truly Naked, Brutalist HTML Quine

Really cool effect of rendering HTML source code as body text using CSS element display properties.

Understanding Operational 5G: A First Measurement Study

It's clear that 5G has less coverage and efficiency than 4G at the cost of purportedly higher throughput; resulting in the need for more towers at closer distributions, which in turn require more power for the overall network transmission.

Physicists Build Circuit That Generates Clean, Limitless Power From Graphene

Not my area of expertise, but this seems like it could revolutionize the way that micro-circuitry is powered; using effectively natural properties of freestanding graphene, or rather "a single layer of carbon atoms" in order to harvest energy.

Security By Obscurity Is Underrated

Good defense is created by defense-in-depth; and security by obscurity doesn't cost much if anything in the way of layering measures that will at least get rid of script kiddies and other rudimentary acts of reconnaissance. I appreciate the author's metaphor to real-world security, as that has always been the inspiration and logic for implementing obscurity into a robust information security posture.

Why Is There A Normal Galaxy Sitting At The Edge Of The Universe?

The gravitational lensing affecting the viewing, the fact that it took two telescopes in the Southern hemisphere to confirm, the exact alignment that distorts it into a ring, and the age of the galaxy relative it's maturity all form tip of the iceberg and uncanny nature of this galactic discovery.

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