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Dependencies, Database Casualties, Perl, Lost Stars, Uniwidth, Nano, etc.

 25 Feb 2021  Link Dumps

Dependencies, Database Casualties, Perl, Lost Stars, Uniwidth, Nano, etc.

Dependency Confusion

Link: https://medium.com/@alex.birsan/dependency-confusion-4a5d60fec610

Half Your Brain Is Alert The First Night In A New Place

Link: https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2016/04/21/474691141/half-your-brain-stands-guard-when-sleeping-in-a-new-place

Archived Link: https://archive.vn/VCfhx

93% Of Paint Splatters Are Valid Perl Programs

Link: https://www.famicol.in/sigbovik

Archived Link: https://archive.vn/4JY6J

Feature Casualties Of Large Databases

Link: https://brandur.org/large-database-casualties

Archived Link: https://archive.vn/HSmMH

I Don't Want To Do Front-End Anymore

Link: https://soynomm.com/blog/i-dont-want-to-do-frontend-anymore

Archived Link: https://archive.vn/BndwA

How to Increase Your Luck Surface Area

Link: https://www.codusoperandi.com/posts/increasing-your-luck-surface-area

Archived Link: https://archive.vn/AN3Bj

What Did We Lose When We Lost the Stars?

Link: https://theconvivialsociety.substack.com/p/what-did-we-lose-when-we-lost-the

Archived Link: https://archive.vn/Me2vv

Uniwidth Typefaces For Interface Design

Link: https://uxdesign.cc/uniwidth-typefaces-for-interface-design-b6e8078dc0f7

Archived Link: https://archive.vn/FGlmZ

An Atonement Of Nano

Link: https://www.noa-s.org/nano.html

Archived Link: https://archive.vn/VVFMI

Delight As The Hard-Edged World Melts Into A Full-Rainbow Spectrum Of Reality

Link: https://aeon.co/videos/delight-as-the-hard-edged-world-melts-into-a-full-rainbow-spectrum-of-reality/

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