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NFTs, Human Beings, Planes, Sleep, Writing, Tailwind CSS, Typography, etc.

 13 Mar 2021  Link Dumps

NFTs, Human Beings, Planes, Sleep, Writing, Tailwind CSS, Typography, etc.

Why I Don't Like Tailwind CSS

Link: https://www.aleksandrhovhannisyan.com/blog/why-i-dont-like-tailwind-css

Archived Link: https://archive.ph/sKD7t

Software Is Drowning The World

Link: https://jamesabley.com/software-is-drowning-the-world

Archived Link: https://archive.ph/3RfEs

A Typographer And Designer's Guide To Elegance

Link: https://vanschneider.com/the-art-of-elegance-an-interview-with-type-graphic-designer-ayaka-b-ito

Archived Link: https://archive.ph/lhLLT

The Human Use Of Human Beings

Link: https://www.brainpickings.org/2018/06/15/the-human-use-of-human-beings-norbert-wiener

Archived Link: https://archive.ph/FgIWU

No One Can Explain Why Planes Stay In The Air

Link: https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/no-one-can-explain-why-planes-stay-in-the-air

Archived Link: https://archive.ph/S97pt

NFTs Are A Dangerous Trap

Link: https://seths.blog/2021/03/nfts-are-a-dangerous-trap

Archived Link: https://archive.ph/9SZGx

Did We Used To Have Two Sleeps Rather Than One? Should We Again?

Link: https://theconversation.com/did-we-used-to-have-two-sleeps-rather-than-one-should-we-again-57806

Archived Link: https://archive.ph/mh6P6

Learn Difficult Concepts With The ADEPT Method

Link: https://betterexplained.com/articles/adept-method

Archived Link: https://archive.ph/9WcVm

Write Simply

Link: http://paulgraham.com/simply.html

Archived Link: https://archive.ph/OJ7Px

Study Sheds New Light On How The Brain Distinguishes Speech From Noise

Link: https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2020-12/lu-ssn121820.php

Archived Link: https://archive.ph/HXu60

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