Architecture Sessions, Chinese Invasion, IPv6, SSH Tunneling, Deadlift Benefits, etc.

 10 Oct 2021

Architecture Sessions, Chinese Invasion, IPv6, SSH Tunneling, Deadlift Benefits, etc.

Bytesize Architecture Sessions

This seems like a really good extension of a typical stand-up for things like knowledge transfer between departments that should understand DevOps/SysOps choices and the moving parts involved.

Why A Chinese Invasion Of Taiwan Would Be A Catastrophe For China And The World

The use of tactical scorched-earth scenarios to destroy fabs and/or IP holdings actually seems practical, but I'd wager TSMC will be looking to decentralize their factory locations into and including the Western Hemisphere long before that.

Hello IPv6: A Minimal Tutorial For IPv4 Users

A very good road-warrior style introduction to IPv6, which is useful if (like me) you're generally accustomed to working extensively with IPv4 WANs and SDWANs. The comparisons are very useful along the way, and do a great job of explaining the key differences between the two protocols in a practical sense; which boil down mostly to interfaces, address casting, and subnetting.

Day One Exploits: How To Effectively Reduce The Threat

I like the fact that solutions to common problems relating to how to respond to 0-day exploits are given. I've always been a fan of Hot/Warm DR setups, and corresponding Cloud Native environments that offer agility and modern security architecture choices, such as zero-trust networking.

CSS Logical Properties And Values

Visualizing elements in the DOM as they are rendered relative to content rather than the screen itself is definitely the correct approach. Logical Properties reinforce this, and give some great shorthand abstractions that can be used to write more elegant CSS.

Salvador Dalí’s Sinister And Sensual Paintings For Dante’s "Divine Comedy"
Injecting Environment Variables Into Static Websites Using NGINX

Usually today's static site methodology would opt for injection via client-side routing, but good old SSI provides an interesting way to hardcode ENV variables into something like NGINX; although I'd personally use Varnish (ESI) instead.

Deadlift Benefits

Deadlifts are one of my favorite exercises, and probably the only thing you'll ever need to do in the gym if you had to pick one exercise for overall strength and conditioning.

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