Side Projects

Stuff I built to scratch my own itch


Often times I need to test applications and scripts against various HTTP response conditions, so I decided to create a service that can respond to most status codes on request.


Net Find

Netfind allows for quick contextual searches using the URL itself as a simple delimiter that redirects queries to various services.


IP Addy

IP Addy is a service that returns your public IP address, both via the browser and terminal. Recently, it was added to Awesome Console Services on GitHub.

Visit for instructions or visit directly.


I like browsing Hacker News, but I find that the interface is too cluttered and becomes addictive, so I built Haychen so I could take a more casual approach to HN every now and then from my phone.

Haychen displays Top Stories from Hacker News in a minimal fashion, without the comments or clutter.



A lot of times in my job I need to quickly generate passwords that conform to general security requirements. Examples of this are when adding users to Google Workspace, creating Domain Users in Windows Server, etc.

QuickPassword provides opinionated password options that are good enough for 99% of uses cases — with far fewer clicks involved. The generation is done client-side for added security & privacy.



A growing, curated list of my favorite quotes that can be browsed in a random and easy to use manner.


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