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25 Jun 2020

Tips for Playing Better Chess

A few precepts I've learnt along the way that have helped improve my Chess.

23 Jun 2020

From JAMstack to RAMstack

Use Varnish and Netlify to hyper-charge static sites for cents on the gigabyte.

04 Apr 2020

Use Netdata for Desktop Stats

It would be really neat to have an ultra-detailed overview of system metrics. Cue Netdata.

04 Apr 2020

IRC Over Tor the Easy Way

Most major IRC servers can be accessed via Tor. There's a simple way to take advantage of this.

03 Jul 2019

Setup an Adblocking VPN using WireGuard and NextDNS

Host your own VPN server with powerful adblocking that works across devices.

01 May 2019

Backup Firefox Bookmarks on Windows 10

It's always good to add redundancy to browser bookmarks by backing them up automatically.

18 Apr 2019

My Zsh and Bash Aliases

A list of my shell aliases that I sync across devices.

14 Apr 2019

Healthy Ketogenic Foods

A quick cheatsheet of ideal foods to consume whilst on keto.